Wisterious Lovers

By: multidimensionalsuchness

Jul 22 2012

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Wisteria may be my favorite flower. There something so “wist”ful and ethereal about it. This picture of my partner, Ain, and I was taken on my best friend’s patio the evening before I left for a month-long excursion to Iowa where my son, who was 15 at the time, was scheduled to have his second brain surgery in two years. It’s not all that apparent in this picture, but I was a scared little kitten. I think you can see by the way Ain is holding me close that there is a certain urgency to the moment. Everything with my son turned out okay in the end, but on day our disbelief was suspended like the wisteria blooms hanging from their vines.


One comment on “Wisterious Lovers”

  1. Amy, I can feel the sadness in your words, mother to mother. There is so much in nature that reflects the ups and downs — the beauty and the darkness in our lives. I hope your son is still doing well and that you can now exhale and really smile.

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